Monday, October 31, 2016

What is a winning sound to your ear?

I grew up in a golfing family.  One brother is a golf pro, another had the swing and talent of a Champion.  Both brothers and myself were Junior trophy winners and the action of winning was "practice".  The winning sound was that of a ball dropping into the cup.   We grew to love it. 

 By the time I was 11, I had 4 first place trophies.  The day my baby sister was born, we all won trophies in a tournament.  My Mother got 9 hole in ones - Before my father passed away, he said "Between Ruth and I we have 9 hole in ones."  Of course, it was California and it was considered community property to him.  Yes he technically had one hole in one.  They were playing in a doubles tournament called, "Best Ball", and her shot knocked it in, but since he was her partner, he could technically claim it.

My parents were always in tournaments all over the world.  My father was the President of Castlewood Country Club at one time, which was originally the summer home of William Randolph Hearst before it became a Championship Course.  They instilled in us to "work hard then play".

It was a blessed life, without stress, without worry about money, and not like what some people face today. 

So with my Avon Reps, I coach them to do a little bit for their business everyday.  You can't sit in front of a television and expect to lose weight.  You can't not do laundry and expect clean clothes.  You can't expect SUCCESS and to prosper unless you put time and energy into your business.


What constitutes SUCCESS is time and energy.  We have something called the Power of Three and I believe it would be helpful for whatever business you wanted to build. 

  1. You need to talk to 3 people each day - doing this 6 days a week (rest on Sunday!), you would be talking to 18 people per week.  
  2. So in addition to the books you buy for your current customers who placed that means, for a 2 week campaign, you will talk to 36 people and personally hand them a stamped book with information on coupons, samples and recruiting tucked inside.
  3. Rewinding your task list how many books do you have to purchase to take care of the people you plan to give books to and 10 customers?    36+10  = 46      If 10 cost 6.50 and 100 cost 20.00, can you see something in your life that you can cut out so that you can purchase 90 more books for 11.50 more?   How much do cigarettes or alcohol cost?  See if you can cut a few out and it will help you focus on your life.  When you get really good at it, don't be surprised if you want to cut them out all together! 
If it has been proven that when you give out more books, you get more orders and you make more money, then the effect of giving out more books spells the sound of SUCCESS.

Can you be an overnight success?  I think any program takes time.  It took me 3 years of really doing my homework and marketing to start getting repeat business on a regular basis.  Why?

1.  No Patience - Many Representatives give up within the first 4 campaigns with excuses from "I just don't have the time", to "I spent too much money".   Adopting a winning attitude to "show yourself that you can do it" - note that is show YOURSELF - not necessarily anyone else is key.  Showing YOURSELF, increases your self esteem.   Increasing your self-esteem causes you to want to create more happy feelings and you keep going.

2.  Trust - People want to know that the products they are buying are guaranteed and want you to answer the phone and say you are still in the business when they call.  When a Rep decides to quit, she sometimes forgets to give her customers to an established Rep who will take care of them for her.

3.  Respect:  Most people know what it takes to become an Entrepreneur and respect the things you do to make your business a success.  They love it when you decorate their bag or put extra goodies in it.

4.  Working towards Leadership - many Representatives choose not to go into Leadership.  They don't take advantage of the free online State of the Art training, which, by the way gives you all the principles and lessons to make any business profitable.  They don't try to inspire the people they want to recruit.  They give up.  That means that every paycheck is based entirely on their ability to generate their own sales.

"Following the instructions from Mentors who are more successful than you",  is a thought process that I follow because I don't want to re-invent the wheel.    If I have a list of what I should be doing, then when there is a lull in my activities, I can put my feet up and:
I make little sample packets with wedding favor packets with samples and my business card

1) Call customers
2)  Call leads who wish to become a Rep
3)  Stamp Books
4)  Prepare hand out material
5)  Dress my books with sample packets
6)  Pack Orders

So now, what is your winning sound?  What gives you the feeling that you are succeeding in your goal?  It may be someone calling you with an order.  It may be when you are stamping books and planning a book drop.  Looking forward to how you will feel when you succeed will keep you on your path.

I hope this little insight helps you with whatever business you are working.  If you were on my team, we would work together as a team for your success.  If what I have been saying sounds interesting, please call me or go to my website and look for JOIN MY TEAM - at

I look forward to hearing from you and how you made your Etsy business or Craftsy Business or whatever home based business a success.  It is from others that we draw our greatest strength and inspiration.

Karen S Meyer,
Avon Scottsdale
480 262 3525  

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