Monday, July 18, 2016

Ways to Survive as a Mother....of many!

When my kids were young - all 5 under 12 - I really struggled with having enough money to make ends meet.  I didn't want to keep begging for money from my ex (wasn't an ex at the time), so I got creative.  I used whatever mommy hacks and life hacks I could to survive.  The biggest one was mystery shopping and "couponing" or coupons.

 I contacted Dominos and asked to be part of the Mystery Shopping Program.  Once a month, they would deliver a Pizza, I would pay for it and then the kids would all have something to observe.  Was he/she wearing a uniform? Hat? Was it clean?  There were many questions they had to help me answer and they knew from the young age that people judge you by how you represent your Company who pays you.  Once a month, Dominos would send me 10.00 to pay for the pizza after I turned in a detailed report.  The most important lesson to my kids was "Did he do anything worth noting? Something over and beyond what was expected that would make their boss proud of them?"  those were fun times.   I began to find other opportunities and began to be more independent and had a lot more self esteem as an emotionally abused spouse.

For years, I continued to be a coupon mother.  I have a fond  respect for anyone who finds ways to cut corners, without sacrificing quality or integrity because, frankly, I've done it.  I continue that practice today and that is why I launched and    

At, I highlight ways to really save on products and maximize on their dollar potential.  For instance.  If you go to and open a window, then go to and click on VISIT MY SITE,   Keep both windows open, but apply for a free membership at

Here's the fun part!  Watch for Avon to have Double the % back  - so instead of 4% rebate, they will give you 8% back.

Once you have your account and you are on the page, you will see a coupon that is valid or use the 1 time use coupon.  So it might be WELCOME and you would get 20% off your order (before tax), free shipping as long as the order stays over 50 before tax.  

So now do the math.  Pick products that are 50% off.  Get 20% off that price.  Now at the end of the month Ebates will send you 8%.  Are you adding this up?  78% off the regular prices sound good to you?  I know, right?

The other site is    As many of you know, I am a survivor of Breast Cancer, having had 2 lumpectomies.  I've been free for 6 years now and am so grateful for early detection, I thought I would let people know that  Avon donates a portion of the cost of the special products that are PINK to Breast Cancer Research.    I love that.   So on that site, you can find ways to get coupons too, but it mainly highlights samples of Avon's specialty items.  In the catalog, there is sometimes a BLUE page, dedicated to products that Avon donates a portion of the cost of the special products supporting an end to Domestic Violence.

Celebrities join in as Ambassadors of the Avon Foundation causes.  Reese Witherspoon was our first Domestic Violence Ambassador, followed by Rock Star, Fergie.  As Avon celebrates 130 years this year, honoring women, we may find out at RepFest in Las Vegas who our new Ambassador will be for these entities.  

Keep Smiling!